A Luda Look Back January 27, 2022
At age 44, with IMDB credits lengthier than his streamable discography, Chris Bridges has transcended his delineation as Ludacris the Rapper, but he had an incredible run.
Ahead of their sure to be titanic Instagram Live battle, Son Raw weighs the rap chart heavyweights' two 2000 releases against each other.
Brad Beatson turns down only for freedom.  In the summer, I’m looking to push play on a playlist and let it ride. It’s too beautiful out. And I know it’s inevitable that some drunken fingertips will hijack the music at some point to play what they want to. So this is my grand attempt at […]
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Deen’s been smoking all night. For the first time in a really long while, I’m listening to a Ludacris song that doesn’t completely bore me. Of all the rapper turned mogul/actor/whatever the fuck else niggas have to do in order to plausibly claim that they don’t need to rap anymore to make money, Ludacris’ “fall” […]
By Deen
Will this be remembered as the year everyone finally gave up on the idea of an Outkast reunion? Between Kendrick, K.R.I.T. and all halfway rap fusionists, their legacy remains the pink elephant in the room (to match Andre’s suspenders.) But the slow drip of articles touting “OUTKAST IN THE STUDIO” have gone ghost. Andre is […]
I think I get why you hate Swizz Beatz. Maybe I don’t, but I’ll try anyway. Is it the fact that a 17 year old figured out how to make a ton of money off the basic shitty Casio keyboards we all owned, by making alternately good and shitty beats for the last decade and […]
By Deen
Scooter Braun originally discovered Slava P  in early 2003 via his-now legendary Xanga page. The pair later parted ways over sartorial differences. All Around The World feat. Ludacris Stutters and synths meet with high-tempo kicks and a lazy Luda verse. Boyfriend Bring 2Chainz back in. I’m already sick of this. Swag swag swag swag swag. As […]