The dawn of a new era is here - one where artificial intelligence creative directs collab albums from Carlos Santana and Young Thug, 'Madvillainy 2,' Odd Future's reunion LP & more.
Ghostface, Chef, Cam & China, Sauce Walka, DOOM, Vito, Herb, Bronson, Del Fresco
When/If he'll return to the U.S.A. remains unknown
Ghost and DOOM go together like Wallabees and Slick Rick jewels. The latest video "Raygun" off the Ghostface x BadBadNotGood album is dipped in Blaxploitation bliss.
Eric Thurm would like a snack “Darkness,” the first released track from the NehruvianDOOM EP, was straight garbage. Nehru’s flow was as unoriginal as DOOM’s Special Herbs-jacking production, and the whole thing stunk of a cash-in, DOOM just putting his name on another project because he could pull it off without having to do any […]
Jonah Bromwich has the Neptune blues In his own singularly unappealing way, Joey Bada$$ expressed an important idea about DOOM. In his interview with Narudwar, Joey pointed out that the man with metal fingers is an important influence for those know who about him, but could never be mainstream, “because that just wouldn’t be dope.” […]
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