Chris Daly has a pint of raw ether. It’s been nearly six years since we last heard from Boston, Mass.-based Aether, not counting a label compilation here and there. And the dreamy beat producer is back with Solace, a 21-beat manifesto that takes its name seriously. While his debut, Artifacts, had a slightly more boom […]
Between Madlib, Daedelus, and the Gilberto Gil-appreciation society, the last several years have been rife with producers chopping Brazilian samples to their own ends. So the exchange of ideas becomes properly symbiotic with 19-year old Pazes releasing his debut, The Southpaw EP, next week on San Antonio’s Exponential Records. Weaned on his father’s rock and […]
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Cover By Dan Love Artifacts, the debut solo record from San Antonio producer Aether, was last year’s most underrated beat record. Come list time (it finished at a too-low #46), I claimed that few artists were as accurately defined by their name. In Greek myth, Aether is the personification of space and heaven, and Diego […]
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