Chris Daly has a pint of raw ether. It’s been nearly six years since we last heard from Boston, Mass.-based Aether, not counting a label compilation here and there. And the dreamy beat producer is back with Solace, a 21-beat manifesto that takes its name seriously. While his debut, Artifacts, had a slightly more boom […]
Chris Daly: the right kind of sleazy. For those of you who thought you had a pretty good grasp of what Nosaj Thing brings to the beat table, it might be time to think again. On Home, his sophomore album and first on the Innovative Leisure label, “Home,” the LA answer to Boards of Canada […]
Look, we can blame things on the dog smoking my homework or the fact that I’ve been working on my professional eater’s physique, but regardless of the extenuating circumstances, there were a few things I wanted to rap with you cats about last year, but never got around to it, you dig? Clearly, those ‘70s […]
Chris Daly is huge in Japanese Bandcamps. Hide the children and women folk. Masked men continue to invade and take over the beat scene. In a world of deceased rodents and metal-fingered masters of mayhem, how does a beathead sporting a fucked up luchador mask make himself heard above the din of all that collective […]
Chris Daly go somepling somepling? Don’t mind if he does. It doesn’t always have to be about the re-invention of the wheel. Sometimes it’s just about perfecting an already smooth design. Sure, the guy who invented the first circular disk deserves the utmost kudos, but does the guy who figured out that inflating rubber tubes […]
Chris Daly defines quiet differently than you or I. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, or so I hear. When you’re the grand-nephew of jazz luminary Alice Coltrane (the wife of John Coltrane), and the de facto guru of the LA beat scene, people tend to expect a lot from you. Throw into […]