Premiering "Salty," the latest single from Atlanta's Haitian Mufasa, Jeff Chery
Max Bell interviews the seasoned Atlanta production duo about their careers, their in-studio proclivities, and the current climate of Atlanta's rap scene.
Drew Millard tells you why you should be listening to more Travis Porter.
The most unsung and arguably best member of AWFUL Records gives you good advice
Bonus points afforded to “New Atlanta” for the forcible conscription of Jermaine “Funkdafied” Dupri from whatever gold-plated bunker he’s been hiding in. Points subtracted for avoiding updating the “Welcome to Atlanta” list of popping clubs on any given night. There are people still going to Stroker’s on Lean on Wednesday nights and walking away wildly […]
Evan Nabavian is inside the above vehicle. I remember a Joe Budden screed on a DJ Clue mixtape where Budden decried “Singin’ ass niggas”. I probably nodded in affirmation from my perch in suburban New York before running back a Paul Cain verse. But times change. DJ Clue becomes DJ Esco, sour diesel becomes dirty […]
Kyle Ellison needs Cigarillos from the corner store. It’s sometimes hard to tell whether Atlanta’s latest crop of eccentrics are bored or exhilarated by rap. Half of the time it sounds as though the city’s young rappers might actually pass out from excitement, either buzzing off of some loopy synth beat or a lean-induced sugar […]
Dan Adu Gyamfi’s plug looks like Tchaikovsky. ([email protected]) Zaytoven has helped to define trap music over the last decade.He’s branded his style: “Hard club music with nice, friendly melodies.” Even if you don’t recognize his name, you’re familiar with the list of Atlanta stars whose sound he’s entirely or partially shaped: Gucci Mane, Future, Migos, […]
Adam Wray is starring in a reboot of Lethal Weapon. We love to compare rap to sports – it’s a cheap but effective rhetorical device. That said: Young Thug is on his vintage Pedro Martinez this year, establishing dominance with boundless style and ruthless efficiency. 1017 Thug, his first release under the Brick Squad umbrella, […]
Deen wrote this in a fit of peak. Trinidad James makes one hell of a first impression, so I’ll offer apologies in advance for all the (probably ill-fitting) comparisons I’m about to make. That’s what happens when you don’t know shit about a rapper other than he’s from Atlanta. That cover is ridiculously great. Evokes […]
By Deen