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Torii MacAdams gets green like Swamp Thing In Ego Trip’s Big Book of Rap Lists, rapper and legal department liability R.A. The Rugged Man lists the top ten ways to get dropped from a record label. Number one is “Glorify violence, keep your label in fear at all times and make them believe that making […]
The Jafakin patois is an age-old tactic in rap. During the 90s, rappers used it to pay homage to West Indian roots (Busta Rhymes), express their love of weed (DJ Quik), or merely collaborate with Supercat, Beenie Man, Shabba or Bounty Killer. The trend never really went away even though there hasn’t been a major […]
Evan Nabavian is inside the above vehicle. I remember a Joe Budden screed on a DJ Clue mixtape where Budden decried “Singin’ ass niggas”. I probably nodded in affirmation from my perch in suburban New York before running back a Paul Cain verse. But times change. DJ Clue becomes DJ Esco, sour diesel becomes dirty […]