Premiering "Salty," the latest single from Atlanta's Haitian Mufasa, Jeff Chery
Max Bell interviews the seasoned Atlanta production duo about their careers, their in-studio proclivities, and the current climate of Atlanta's rap scene.
Will Johnsen is banging like ?uestlove. Fat Man Key has no shame. Unlike Gucci, he’ll tell you to your face that he’s fucking your bitch. In your downtown ATL penthouse no less. Or maybe he will take her to a park, feed her extra large sub sandwiches and pour champagne down her throat. He’ll sip […]
Deen wrote this in a fit of peak. Trinidad James makes one hell of a first impression, so I’ll offer apologies in advance for all the (probably ill-fitting) comparisons I’m about to make. That’s what happens when you don’t know shit about a rapper other than he’s from Atlanta. That cover is ridiculously great. Evokes […]
By Deen
Alternately known as the moment when Dirty Glove Bastard readers are informed of the existence of El-P. Though the worlds seem an odd match, Phillip K Dick is the best name that an Atlanta rapper never chose. Can you imagine how big he would play in the strip clubs? Five years ago, El-P and Killer […]
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Sach O: Distal Fact Mix September 4, 2011
Sach O is really getting into the Footwork-Dubstep hybrid. And full on Footwork for that matter. In an era where genre counts for little and hybridity is key, you’ve gotta make like Wu-Tang financial and diversify your bonds ‘nuh. Atlanta producer Distal knows this, coming with a sound that cleverly merges London production values, Chicago’s […]
Another post should be up later this afternoon, deadlines and dawdling permitting. In the interim, necessity demands sharing this incredible cut from the ATL’s top-ranking Lonnie Lynn/Rick Bawse impersonater, Sean Falyon. The West Philly-raised Falyon, pairs up with the dependably great Playboy Tre and Scar, to drop an incredibly poignant slice of the Dungeon Family-type […]