On the heels of her acting debut, Jack Riedy offers an essential playlist of Azealia Banks' greatest cuts to date.
Azealia Banks' attempt to get rich or get dropped trying.
Jimmy Ness brings more drama than a primetime NBC TV show Azealia Banks just won’t go away. From dissing an A-Z of artists to alienating herself from a formerly supportive LGBT audience, she’s running a master class in self-sabotage. However, despite claiming page one of the industry blacklist, Banks packs the talent that most hipster […]
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Slava P is team Ashley Banks. The first week of 2013 loosely carried the theme of resurgence. The timid Dipset boost brought on by two sub-par Cam’Ron songs and the promise of a Juelz Santana mixtape; the possibility of a Lil’ Wayne rebirth that has nothing to do with Rebirth; the fact that major magazines […]
Azealia Banks does herself few favors. Between her short-lived senseless beefs, desire to repudiate herself from rap, and meteoric Internet rise, you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s a  flash-in-the-pan. It’s unclear whether she’s doing this out of a desire to express herself, land a one-woman Broadway show, or score a multi-million dollar modeling deal. After […]
Craig Jenkins. Real name. No gimmicks. Peter Rosenberg’s jab at Nicki Minaj’s “Starships” at Hot 97’s Summer Jam damn near sparked this generation’s own “Disco Sucks” campaign among underground hip-hop’s defenders of the faith. Fans of pop and electronic dance music see the march of those genre’s values into hip-hop as a chance to bust […]
Son Raw is in the lab or lambo, Kangol or camo. I actually really liked Azealia Banks’ 1991 EP despite the fact that everything about her public persona makes me want to hate her (fish) guts. The truth is, if you rap well at a fast pace over good production I’ll forgive you for both […]
Deen understands the doctrines of Bubba Sparxx: be honest and admit that none of us will ever date a model. It’s a corny to admit, but music really does serve as a soundtrack to our dreary lives of quiet mediocrity  — or if you’re T. Boone Pickens, music just serves as an avenue for you […]
By Deen
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Jonah Bromwich abandoned all playacting after he starred in The Cherry Orchard. So Diplo has abandoned all playacting, huh? No more prancing around, pretending that he’s discovered something new, when what he’s actually done is tuned into some island nation’s top forty station for a couple of weeks, and then released a mix album on […]
Should you bank on Azealia? February 3, 2012
Jonah Bromwich slightly prefers Ashley Banks. What made “212” great? It’s actually pretty easy to explain. 1. It came from a person that no one had ever heard of. 2. It was well-rapped, (incredibly well-rapped, actually) by a person that no one had ever of. 3. It was raunchy as hell, while being well-rapped, by […]
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