Riff Raff Flies Air Canada January 22, 2013
Slava P loves Riff Raff. Riff Raff loves Canada. There are plenty of reasons why that might be the case: as a Texas native, the snow might be exotic to him; our strict gun laws make him feel safe; our money better color coordinates with his outfits. Whatever Raff’s influence, he decided to celebrate his […]
Slava P is team Ashley Banks. The first week of 2013 loosely carried the theme of resurgence. The timid Dipset boost brought on by two sub-par Cam’Ron songs and the promise of a Juelz Santana mixtape; the possibility of a Lil’ Wayne rebirth that has nothing to do with Rebirth; the fact that major magazines […]
Slava P records Gypsy Bossa Nova under the alias, Matthieu Boulevardier You know what I’m thankful for? The revival of the concept album. Coming into 2012, the concept of a concept album seemed to be all but dead, replaced by the overwhelming stench of swag and ratchet pussy. So, I’m thankful that artists like Killer […]
Slava P doesn’t understand the question and won’t respond to it. Even though you’ve probably never heard of Atlanta’s Key!, ‘Guess Who’ feels comfortably familiar. It sounds like what would happen if A$AP Rocky wrote a snap-dance song ($napdance?). The greatest songs are the ones that you can’t help but memorize. The songs that grab […]
Slava P is like the Where’s Waldo of Double Entrendres. Abel Tesfaye was the feel good story of 2011, coming out of Toronto to hypnotize the world with his falsetto drug-crooning and tales of borderline rape. He parlayed these talents into a deal with Universal and an album release scheduled for later this year. All […]
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The Gospel of Gunplay September 4, 2012
Slava P was wired when he wrote this, so forgive him if he goes too fast. Continuing to cement his role as the lovable underdog of MMG, Gunplay has dropped a video for “Take This,” one of the singles off his 601 & Snort mixtape. Looking visibly unhinged throughout the video (which he apparently directed […]
Slava P wrote this while sipping Cabernet out of a Stanley Cup. As part of TDE appreciation week, Schoolboy Q released a new, Kenny Beats-produced track titled simply, “Party.” Now, if I showed up to a party and saw someone who resembled Schoolboy Q posted up against the wall, I would show myself out faster […]
Slava P was there. When you live in Toronto, there are really only four months of the year where the weather is comfortable enough for you to go outside and enjoy life. For the past three years, Drake has planted his owl-printed flag firmly into this four month-frame by introducing OVO Fest, which is less […]
Slava P is thinking of a master ham. If there’s one thing I love, it’s a good Rick Ross album. If I would have to add another thing to love, it would be the fine, gourmet meals that I eat rarely and fantasize about often. So with Rozay’s album leaking less than a week before […]