Chris Daly lives like he’s Drop Dead Fred Sure, the summer of 2014 “officially” is over and done with, but unless you’re a student, who gives a shit about arbitrary calendar dates anyway? September 2nd was the hottest day in the D.C. metro area this year, or at least it was for the purposes of […]
Jordan Pedersen doesn’t want to be famous; he just wants to be well-off. What do you call it when you stop reaching for the stars and start reaching for a decent-sized check and a cute girlfriend? Settling? Growing up? Rap is so often the music of aspirations, of getting out and getting rich. But like […]
Matt Shea wants a caravan fer his ma, in perrywinkle blue We’ve ridden for Philadelphia’s Wrecking Crew for a long time now (and, full disclosure, both Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo occasionally write for this site), which is odd because for a long time they seemed to almost be reluctant to describe themselves as a crew. […]
In a Summer watered down with Advance Your Tax Bracket Rap, Castle has delivered Gasface for you. If you’re looking to rock some Tom Ford,what are you even doing here? If you’re wishing to uppercut your boss, you’re in the right place. Castle has found his voice on this project by rapping his stories so relatably […]
Enter CASTLE. North Carolina-raised. Mello Music Group signed. Mission statement: I don’t give a fuck music for people who don’t give a fuck. Lest you think this is all ski-mask seriousness, his biography touts this resume of achievement: once killed the entire Marvel universe, made Chuck Norris say uncle, cut through hot knives with butter, […]