Around the release of Black Up, Matt Shea spoke with the Shabazz Palaces frontman about his creative process, his chemistry with instrumentalist and musical partner Tendai Maraire, and signing to Sub Pop.
Taking it to the Bassment for his new column, Matt Shea begins his journey in Malaysia
Matt Shea believes sleep is the cousin of death.  The best bands are the hardest to Google. Try finding Left. on the Internet. Good fucking luck, pal. The Sydney two-piece are plugged directly into the powerpoint of Australia’s rapidly growing rap scene. They frequently work with members of One Day Crew and their music’s immaculate production […]
  Matt Shea will self-identify as “gnarly”, “tubular”, and “bitchin'” There’s nothing new about Radical Son’s musical canvas, reggae and dub having become immensely popular in Australia and New Zealand since the turn of the millennium. But the dude’s voice — a sustained sweetness typical of Polynesian soul underwritten by an invitingly dusty timbre — […]
Matt Shea holds it down, with or without the four pound You haven’t heard of Milly Moodie (that counts for the Australians who read this site). And good luck finding out any more about her because she’s swinging one of those really great but really annoying monikers that’s almost impossible to Google search. Jesus I […]
Matt Shea wants a caravan fer his ma, in perrywinkle blue We’ve ridden for Philadelphia’s Wrecking Crew for a long time now (and, full disclosure, both Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo occasionally write for this site), which is odd because for a long time they seemed to almost be reluctant to describe themselves as a crew. […]
Matt Shea is a boss. He ain’t dealing with you middle men. Probably the biggest eye-opener in the press surrounding Tim Shiel’s superb Duet iOS soundtrack was that the Australian producer completed the guts of the recordings in a little over half a day. Listening to the album back in October, it had a collection […]
Matt Shea is relieved. Tim Shiel has spent most of the last two years roaming the world sharing drinks carts with Gotye, as Wally De Backer’s “Making Mirrors” went viral, international, number one and everything else. So when producer and multi-instrumentalist Shiel returned to his Faux Pas project late last year with a series of […]