Will Schube speaks to PremRock and Curly Castro about unspoken competition, the difference between New York and Philly's rap scenes, and their fantastic self-titled as ShrapKnel.
Joel Biswas sits at the table with the brand new single from the Philly spitter.
Matt Shea wants a caravan fer his ma, in perrywinkle blue We’ve ridden for Philadelphia’s Wrecking Crew for a long time now (and, full disclosure, both Zilla Rocca and Has-Lo occasionally write for this site), which is odd because for a long time they seemed to almost be reluctant to describe themselves as a crew. […]
You hear that Doug? SON RAW IS COMING TO LONDON. Despite what Drake says, I’m perfectly willing to make new friends, they just have to meet certain guidelines. One of the rituals I expect from my homies is the ability, nay the compulsion, to endlessly quote classic rap tunes and movie quotes. If you get […]
The pixel killers and slanted squad of gumshoes that comprise the Wrecking Crew are heading out on a tour of the West. The goal is to wind up in Los Angeles, mumbling off the most high octane moss, surrounded by scantily clad aspiring astrologists. So basically the plot of Altman’s version of The Long Goodbye. […]
Most of the time, rap is fun and games. Rare is the track that bangs and conveys a social message without being preachy or didactic. Late period Talib is enough to make you dismiss political and “conscious” rap outright. But then occasionally you hear a song that reminds you of rap’s power to stop you […]
We make no effort to camouflage our ardor for the green here at Passion of the Weiss. A drug problem can’t be a drug problem if you make more mistakes when you’re sober. That’s my story and I’m smoking to it. So it’s only natural that I/We/You/ are easily sucked in by a good weed […]