In honor of the Dipset Reunion, a look back at what made them great.
Cam’ron Still Killing September 11, 2013
Max Bell gets puters putin. There’s no predicting when Cam’ron’s Killa Season 2 will drop. There have been talks of its release since 2011. At this point, it may go the way of Detox and never hit the shelves or your preferred digital streaming/download service. It might also fade into obscurity like Gunz n’ Butta, […]
Deen doesn’t believe in R&B duets. I’m gonna say this real quick:  I don’t really listen to Jim Jones. Ever. Unless I have to. Ballin’ was a smash that brought us all together with a “dance” even the most uncoordinated among us could do. After all, he’s an ex-weed carrier best known for ruining Dipset, […]
By Deen
When we last left the Diplomats, Jim Jones was performing off Broadway, Juelz Satana was all about Ed Hardy knockoffs and Cam’Ron was in the throws of a deep Youtube addiction. Since then, they’ve apparently kissed and made up (No homo, of course) and now the blogosphere is all hot and bothered about the group’s […]
The Time of the Season December 22, 2009
Despite Gallup Polls indicating that 83 percent of Passion of the Weiss readers have eaten a latka at some point (77 percent of whom did not refer to it as a “potato pancake,”) we are vaguely aware of a holiday that goes down around the time of the winter solstice. A holiday that involves a […]