A look back at the life and career of the great DJ Rashad on the anniversary of his death.
Today would have been DJ Rashad's Birthday. Hyperdub and Teklife celebrate his life via video
Brad Beatson is Grand like Puba Treated in black and white, this documentary chronicles the duo of DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn during a trip to Mexico as they find kush, encounter Spanish slang and gain intimate knowledge of the Monterrey sewage system. TEKLife is and will always be the best life.
DJ Rashad 1979-2014 April 28, 2014
Art by TogetherBoston Words by Son Raw DJ Rashad has passed on. I won’t eulogize him for his friends – I did not know the man, though by all accounts he was a fantastic human being, the love of the party you’d expect after hearing his music. I also won’t speak to his core fans, […]
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Son Raw’s in the fast lane. I spend most of my time here writing about Grime out of personal interest, but let there be no doubt that over on the other side of the Atlantic, Juke/Footwork is just as vital a musical form. In addition to its revitalizing impact on Drum & Bass and foundational […]
Son Raw wants to know why you smoking reggie? It’s impossible to listen to the music DJs Rashad, Spinn and Earl are making these days without making connections. Connections to the records they sample – 90s Hip-Hop classics like Lyrics to Go,  Luchini and C.R.E.A.M get atomized and accelerated along with the classic soul platters Chicago […]
Adam Wray is in Berlin. As S. Combs once said: you can hate him now. It’s a wonderful time to be an avid footwork fan. As the 15-year plus genre matures and its popularity grows globally, its core artists are pushing the sound upwards and outwards while settling deeper into their own unique styles. DJ […]
Son Raw is posting bare videos. We are in rap’s reductionist phrase: less words per bar, simpler beats and atomized ideas re-arranged into near infinite combinations.  Footwork maestros Rashad and Spinn know this and abide: if rappers ain’t saying nothing there’s no reason to listen to a whole verse when you can loop the best […]
DJ Rashad gives no fucks June 17, 2013
Son Raw bumps jams like this before breakfast. I have just been informed that DJ Rashad, in fact, gives no fucks. This goes against previous counts that placed the number of fucks given as slightly higher than zero, so we should all breathe a sigh of relief now that this egregious error has been corrected. […]
SachO SachO SachO SachO SachO SachO Sa Sa Sa Sa SachO SachO SachO… Sometimes a lack of context can be revealing. When I played DJ Nate tracks for an unsuspecting friend, his first reaction was to assume that this was the work of some avant-guard art-wank working out his issues with post-modernism through rap samples. […]
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