Michael McKinney rounds up the best sets of the past year – featuring the most vital club music from NY, the best latin club via Miami, Brazil and beyond, blissed out sets via NTS, Tarotplane & others and more.
Michael McKinney speaks to Kode9 about leaning into video game inspiration on his two newest projects, what he's been reading, embracing new technologies and more.
Slam on the CDJ returns for its first edition of 2023 with the best DJ sets of January, featuring Black Rave Culture, Nick Boyd & Tony G, Spekki Webu and more.
Dealing with the loss of two of his closest friends, Spaceape and DJ Rashad, Kode9 delivers 'Nothing.'
The latest from Kode9, DJ Spinn, and DJ Taye.
Fall Mixtape: Peter Holslin December 3, 2014
Peter Holslin vows to be the first music writer to file copy from the International Space Station. I have a friend who has a toddler son who’s obsessed with the moon. He immediately grabs onto anything circle-shaped, and when the sun goes down, I hear once trotted out to the backyard to yell, “Moon! Moon!” […]
A conversation about bass music with the Hyperdub boss
Hyperdub at 10 June 10, 2014
Son Raw is celebrating his 30th anniversary. There was no better place than Fabric to celebrate Hyperdub’s 10th anniversary. It was a little rude – half the people in attendance were seemingly there to pull or get off their heads, a little intense – the bass in room 2 threatened to disembowel more than a […]
Son Raw wants to know why you smoking reggie? It’s impossible to listen to the music DJs Rashad, Spinn and Earl are making these days without making connections. Connections to the records they sample – 90s Hip-Hop classics like Lyrics to Go,  Luchini and C.R.E.A.M get atomized and accelerated along with the classic soul platters Chicago […]
Son Raw wrote this while sipping a Singha. Bass music intellect Kode9’s latest single, “Xinfu Lu,” is ostensively named after a Shanghai clubbing street. Pardon my skepticism, but after spending the past few months in South-East Asia, I doubt any club on the continent is ready for this. In fact, it’d be a hard sell in […]