Phony Rappers: A look at fictional rappers continues.
In 2008, "Tropic Thunder" satirized hip hop consumerism, gay rappers, and the emerging threat of cosigned energy drinks. Eric Thurm tackles the ficitious rapper Alpa Chino from the film.
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In the first entry of Eric Thurm's new segment Phony Rappers, the unimpeachable Gangstalicious from "The Boondocks" is profiled. Homies over hoes....
Eric Thurm would like a snack “Darkness,” the first released track from the NehruvianDOOM EP, was straight garbage. Nehru’s flow was as unoriginal as DOOM’s Special Herbs-jacking production, and the whole thing stunk of a cash-in, DOOM just putting his name on another project because he could pull it off without having to do any […]
Eric Thurm still kinda likes Key To The Kuffs. DOOM and Bishop Nehru dropping “Darkness,” the first track and visual from their collaborative album NehruvianDOOM, should have been an exciting moment for fans who’ve been waiting for new material from the masked villain like stoned pilgrims. But everything about “Darkness” is… dark, and not in […]
Eric Thurm is not like a desk in math class. Lucki Eck$ mostly raps about dealing drugs, which would be tired if it weren’t for his lyrical dexterity and hypnotic, sensitive delivery. The Chicago 17 year-old’s first mixtape, Alternative Trap, showcased his gift for storytelling and unusual, vivid imagery (standout “Count On Me” has the […]
Eric Thurm doesn’t know where the bathroom is. It’s taken Thundercat a while to release a video off Apocalypse. Fun and funky dance floor burner “Oh Sheit It’s X” seems like the obvious choice. But the man responsible for bringing back the space bass doesn’t roll like that. Instead, the first visual offering from Apocalypse […]
Eric Thurm is a chain-carrying member of the Lethal Interjection crew. “Oh shit, it’s one of 2 Chainz’s chains!” – This is literally the most specific joke about rap music in a television show that is supposed to be about a rapper. When Chozen was announced last year, I was fired up about the premise—a gay, […]
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