Chris Daly speaks on the FlyLo's latest opus.
Will Schube goes in on the new, David Lynch-assisted single from the veteran L.A. producer.
Thundercat and Flying Lotus keep the hits coming with "King of the Hill."
Will Schube takes a look at two new Flying Lotus remixes. Plus, other new drops below.
You’re Dead was almost Talmudic in its intentions. It aspired to merge rap and jazz and beat music, write requiems for the dead and resuscitate flat-lining souls. If you can criticize it, it’s via that Icarus curse of over-ambition. Sometimes, the fusion soared. Sometimes, it got soupy and overly ambient. Like many musicians who work […]
If Flying Lotus wanted to do a Rick Rubin and revive the 666-fighting spirit of Krayzie Bone, I would not be the only one celebrating like I had just won the rodeo. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony are permanently underrated because they exist in no category and thus elicit few comparisons. As loved as it was, barbershop gospel […]
Brian Josephs spent the weekend listening to Purple Haze on Lenox Ave. Doesn’t feel all that different. Here’s a bit of a life hack: There’s a chance you’ll come across some epiphanies gazing at subjects you actively or intentionally avoided. Like death — that thing you’re inching toward as you’re reading these words. It’s something […]