The Rap-Up returns with new shit from Yung Manny, Rucci and 1TAKEJAY, and more.
Ryan Meaney breaks down the new LP, 'Mourn,' from Minnesota native Corbin.
"I don’t look at my albums as production. That’s me trying to make a painting. It’s my heart."
Will Schube is filthy from the ground on up What temperature is required for a guitar to melt? If not explicitly, Shlohmo—the alias under which Henry Laufer records and performs—lets this question bubble beneath the surface of his latest track, “Buried”. Landing somewhere between a Delicate Steve riff and a warped sample, the guitar on […]
Frank N Beats Mix 007 December 16, 2014
 Aaron Frank is a hybrid Black Messiah/Black Hippy First off, I want to offer my sincerest apology for my recent absence. As it usually happens during the holidays, I’ve recently been faced with a torrential onslaught of bullshit, which includes several major personal and family matters. However, my brief respite from Passion of the Weiss […]
Peter Holslin got lost on the way  It’d be interesting to get a peek inside Shlohmo’s electronic setup and see precisely what kinds of horrible things he does to the sounds he’s working with. Are the L.A. beatmaker’s knobs all twisted, levels screaming in the red? When he uses distortion, does he settle for no […]
Frank N Beats Mix: 005 August 11, 2014
Aaron Frank wrote this from the 38th parallel north of the Internet. As we work our way through the hottest part of the summer, I’ve included some downtempo tracks on this month’s mix to reflect the oppressive humidity we’ve been experiencing here in the South. Starting with back-to-back tracks from the burgeoning LuckyMe camp out […]
Jordan Pedersen once played guitar on a cover of “You’re So Vain” for a cute girl’s vocal recital. In which Jillian Banks plays alt scene Freddie Gibbs, calling out a fake thug for “wearing what you think is hard.” The LA weird R&B diva has a knack for the casually devastating: “everything’s a game/always trying […]