Zilla gives us two mixes to make sure you have the hottest French Montana-based high school reunion around.
Evan Nabavian will run through your team like Jerome Bettis Years past there came a rapper from lands distant who landed in America to reap the bounty of the South Bronx. He adopted its manners and dress, partook in the wares of its bodegas, and mimed local bards like Slick Rick and Tim Dog. He […]
Jordan Pedersen frowns upon slutty boy shaming. The crosstown classic. Two DC natives rhyming over a classic and doing it justice to boot. Fat Trel crumbling street bromides, Uptown XO flexing his Tupac flow to kick knowledge. Killas meetin killas in the city where younguns killin for pennies. Uptown and downtown (if not literally). The two […]
Excuse Deen’s reserved praise. I pay French Montana way too much attention. I insist that I don’t fancy the bulk of his music, but somehow, someway, I write some shit about every other single he drops. Then again, it’s not my fault that the man is so active lately. He’s going to drop his debut […]
French Montana paid Evan Nabavian for this post in bottles of Tej. Sometimes the most effective singers aren’t singers. Outside of Biz Markie, ODB, Ja Rule, and Lil Wayne, I’ll cite “Stay Schemin” where French Montana goon-croons a hook that logically should have been sung by Drake or any given R&B princeling. But maybe the […]
MobbDeen he wrote. We might be stuck with this alcoholic, rap-by-commission ass nigga. This asshole just repeated the same trick he pulled off with that “Pop That” shit, but with fewer training wheels this time. By “this asshole,” I mean the puppet-master, Diddy. I smell his money-laden fingerprints all over this mess. And by “fewer […]
By Deen
This song is a genre of its own: Marble Floor, Ivory Pillar, Mount Olympus rap. Cold, hard, and gaudy. Regal and tacky at the same damn time.  This is the latest single from French Montana’s Excuse My French, which might actually do the unthinkable and excuse him from his sins of being the worst “hot” […]
Deen is wary of the Maghreb region of the South Bronx. I suppose I should blame myself for expecting something decent outta French Montana. I should know better. I mean, the guy is a mildly slow drunkard worth more money than I am – that’s essentially my boss too and I don’t expect anything good […]
By Deen
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Fat Tape: April May 2, 2012
Abe Beame takes on the conservative war on women. FAT TAPE: APRIL http://www.mediafire.com/?60fcsbxyw6gr2w2 Full disclosure: The majority of my month was spent listening to Pluto incessantly. Jeff would not let me post 15 Youtube links, so listen to Pluto. These are the nine songs I’ve cobbled together but have more or less skimmed in between […]
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Deen’s going to rip off Marley Marl for his next single. You know what? There’s something to that “even a broken clock is right twice a day” shit. If you’re lenient and patient enough, any of these rappers, no matter how awful, can make some shit that you fuck with. But you shouldn’t have to […]
By Deen
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