Zilla Rocca presents a mix of Ghostface's shortest heaters.
From 'Bulletproof Wallets' to 'Cruel Summer,' listen to some of the overlooked output from the legendary MC.
A look back at why Pretty Toney might be Peak Starks.
Ghost and DOOM go together like Wallabees and Slick Rick jewels. The latest video "Raygun" off the Ghostface x BadBadNotGood album is dipped in Blaxploitation bliss.
Tony Starks sluggish and twisted in the Couples Therapy-era teams up with the Canadian jazz fusion cream team. The beat, a Vitamin B shot, courtesy of the always good BadBaddingtons. It hits that Adrian Younge/RZA/Moricone murders-at-Lake Como vibe that Ghostface should be able to use to walk on water. The results are more mixed. The […]
Harold Stallworth carries switchblades on the reg’, duke. Revenge is the sweetest joy next to drinking D’usse. It took precisely a decade, but it would seem that Cormega finally redeemed himself for the thrashing he took at the hands of Ghostface Killah on “Tony Montana,” a standout cut from the first—and, unfortunately, last—installment of his […]
NOW Saturday night, Uptown. Chilly, 40 below. Hoodied up. He jumped from the 8th floor step, hit the ground. Been shot, but still breathing. Blood in his eye. He let two fly. Told Trife to get some ice. Told Raekwon to keep his eye on the wife. They wanted revenge cause he murdered their Uncle […]
Joshua Lerner is mighty healthy. Shit moves quickly on Twelve Reasons to Die. When “An Unexpected Call (The Set Up)” begins, our hero Pretty Tony is knocked out by men in the backseat of his girlfriend’s car. One line later, he wakes up in a “melting pot” in the DeLuca family compound. By the end […]
This is a revitalization on par with Loretta Lynn working with Jack White, except Adrian Younge and Dennis Coles are only separated by less than a decade. The RZA gets Executive Production on the forthcoming collabo between Ghostface and the damager behind Venice Dawn, but the aesthetic is clearly drawn straight out of Younge’s blend […]
Rap sites are slipping. Someone needs to step up and do an oral history of Supreme Clientele. I’d pitch it myself, but I imagine I’d only get paid in Duncan Hines monuments. Truthfully, I prefer Starks’ magnum opus shrouded in myth. I do not want Rap Genius to explain what a Monty Hall expo is, […]