Harley Geffner explores the L.A. spitter's newest album.
The episode is called “Guns and Monsters” because our guests were Pistol McFly and Snubnose Frankenstein. Two young rappers named after violent weapons who are both very good human beings. But that’s on the low-low. As is the mission of Shots Fired, we had them on the program to try to get them to play […]
Bong Rips and B.A.R.S. Like ice cream sandwiches and cornbread (kept separate), there is nothing wrong with that. We’ve heard it a hundred times. Rapper likes weed, rapper has swag, rapper is from Mars. These cliches are as calcified as coal. As someone who has incinerated enough smoke to acquire an ineradicable weirdness, even I […]
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