Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, we are back. Unlike the Teenage Mutant Turtles, we do not have Juicy J, Michael Bay, or an unlimited budget for pizza craft services. Sometimes you eat the shell and sometimes the shell shocks you. Nonsensical blog introduction complete, it’s time I introduce the latest episode of Shots Fired, […]
As mentioned yesterday, Richmond’s own IAMSU! took a trip down Interstate 5 to make his second appearance in the Cosmic Zoo. The co-founder of the HBK Crew talked to us about basketball, the based God, buying weed brownies in Berkeley, Bay Rap, and his latest album, Sincerely Yours. In addition, Nocando and I talked about […]
The next episode of Shots Fired drops tomorrow, featuring Blueprint. In this clip, we talk about the early ties between Def Jux and Rhymesayers, meeting on message boards, mixtape trading and the bridge between Print’s Columbus and Minneapolis. Other episodes of Shots Fired video below.
After several years spent becoming a household name in Hong Kong, Jin’s back on U.S. soil and came through Shots Fired. The first Asian-American rapper to ever release a major label solo record waxes philosophical about growing up in Florida, the fleeting nature of fame, his legendary wins on BET’s Freestyle Friday’s, working with Kanye […]
The new Shots Fired is here to appease your workday melancholy and fill the void of bad Macklemore jokes. Some things you can set your watch by. This week’s guest is Clyde Carson, who you may be familiar with from his hyphy days with The Team or 2012’s “Slow Down.” We talked about everything from […]
As mentioned yesterday, our 70th episode of Shots Fired features LA hip-hop radio legends, The Baka Boyz. Lots of history about the early days of Power 106, their roots as teenaged club DJs in Bakersfield, and producing for Volume 10, Lighter Shade of Brown, Yo-Yo and The Whooliganz. Stream the episode below the jump and […]
The New York rap trio Ratking (Wiki, Hak, & Sporting Life) ran up through the Cosmic Zoo shortly after their Coachella performance. We discussed their excellent new XL album, “So It Goes,” taking inspiration from grime, Big Pun, and Dipset, the Eminem comparisons, Kurt Vonnegut, and how New York factors into their aesthetic. In addition, […]
In which Meg Myers and producer/podcaster Dr. Rosen Rosen (“Totally Laime”) enter the Cosmic Zoo to discuss everything from life in Tennessee to signing to Atlantic Records, to furries and shamans. Other topics tackled include the impact of “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” and random Halloween costumes. In addition, we discuss Nocando’s short career as […]
We’ve taped 67 episodes of Shots Fired now and this one is among my all-time favorites. Nocando and I were joined by Open Mike Eagle and author/comic D.C. Pierson, who are two of the funniest people that I know. So naturally, it lapsed into a very serious conversation about what it’s like to be a […]