Son Raw goes in on the South London experimentalist's newest LP.
Son Raw takes a look at 'A Little Light,' Slackk's follow-up to the unimpeachable 'Palm Tree Fire.'
Son Raw is back with the Grime you need to know. Know it now.
Slackk – Palm Tree Fire September 29, 2014
Son Raw works according to his own internal logic. Slackk makes Grime, but he doesn’t make dance or rap music, the oppositional poles that form the genre’s DNA. Whereas Grime’s superstar emcees have gone on to successful careers not altogether different from American rappers, and experimental artists like Logos reformat the genre’s attitude and sounds […]
Boxed takeover Rinse October 3, 2013
Son Raw can’t be boxed in. How can you tell if a Pirate Radio show is relevant? Well if the 90% of the Twitter shout outs are to producers huddling in front of their radios to hear new tunes and the other 10% are me, chances are you’ve hit a winner. Last Sunday’s Boxed takeover […]
Son Raw is a gawd. No pastries required. Reconfiguration is the word to play in UK dance music right now. Long past a single-genre singularity and finally distancing themselves from the post-everything soup of “Bass Music” that characterized the Dubstep diaspora, today’s producers are combining Afro-Caribbean riddims with London darkness, Grime’s sparseness to bassweight and […]