Son Raw goes in on the South London experimentalist's newest LP.
Son Raw takes a look at 'A Little Light,' Slackk's follow-up to the unimpeachable 'Palm Tree Fire.'
Son Raw is back with the Grime you need to know. Know it now.
After a few weeks contemplating the vocal wave that’s swept over Grime, I’m back to take a look at the beats. New Oil Gang, Slackk, Logos and more.
Son Raw interviews Slackk about coming up in Liverpool, his debut album Palm Tree Fire, and literary track titles.
Slackk – Palm Tree Fire September 29, 2014
Son Raw works according to his own internal logic. Slackk makes Grime, but he doesn’t make dance or rap music, the oppositional poles that form the genre’s DNA. Whereas Grime’s superstar emcees have gone on to successful careers not altogether different from American rappers, and experimental artists like Logos reformat the genre’s attitude and sounds […]
Boiler Box July 25, 2014
Son Raw is going for a shvitz. Boiler Room has gone from an underground phenomenon to a global dance music brand in just a few years, but in between broadcasts from Ibiza and Berlin sex dungeons, they still find time to host an incredibly diverse set of lineups, from DJ Rashad tribute sets to last […]
Son Raw’s lamping with the World Cup Before MoMA approved conceptual Sino-Grime, before transnational club tunes, and before producers started working at 130BPM, there was Oil Gang. Kicking off a string of no-holds bared releases in 2010 as Grime’s second act was just beginning, the London-based label has been a key factor in drawing attention […]
Son Raw is back in the U.S.S.R. Not many club nights manage to attract attention outside of their home cities, particularly small, producer oriented ones. For all the hype around FWD and Low End Theory, theses were not (and are not) bacchanalian parties full of drug consumption and excess, they’re community run events by and […]