Son Raw speaks to the man behind Grime's most emotional album yet about growing up in Catford and moving forward as a musician
Son Raw interviews Slackk about coming up in Liverpool, his debut album Palm Tree Fire, and literary track titles.
Slackk – Palm Tree Fire September 29, 2014
Son Raw works according to his own internal logic. Slackk makes Grime, but he doesn’t make dance or rap music, the oppositional poles that form the genre’s DNA. Whereas Grime’s superstar emcees have gone on to successful careers not altogether different from American rappers, and experimental artists like Logos reformat the genre’s attitude and sounds […]
Boiler Box July 25, 2014
Son Raw is going for a shvitz. Boiler Room has gone from an underground phenomenon to a global dance music brand in just a few years, but in between broadcasts from Ibiza and Berlin sex dungeons, they still find time to host an incredibly diverse set of lineups, from DJ Rashad tribute sets to last […]
Son Raw’s lamping with the World Cup Before MoMA approved conceptual Sino-Grime, before transnational club tunes, and before producers started working at 130BPM, there was Oil Gang. Kicking off a string of no-holds bared releases in 2010 as Grime’s second act was just beginning, the London-based label has been a key factor in drawing attention […]
Son Raw’s physical is back in North America but you can’t trap his mind. These days, DJ mixes are as common as trap releases on Dat Piff or white bro R&B at bad BBQs, but proper production mixtapes filled with all original material? Those are rarer than vegan meetups in steakhouses. Requiring both quality and […]
Son Raw can’t figure out of this column is monthly or bi-weekly. No intros needed, you know the drill – nothing but the freshest Grime and Bass music to have dropped over the past couple of weeks.
Boxed Vol. 2. May 29, 2014
Son Raw done told you. Squarewaves replace wobble, beats take the forefront and no one’s sure if it’s supposed to club music, radio music or something in between. It’s 2014 and whispers comparing the night to FWD and (in this reporter’s case) Low End Theory are becoming less and absurd and increasingly accepted. At least […]
Son Raw is writing this from Dublin over a cup of tea. First up, a big shout out to everyone at Boxed in London for the warm welcome when I visited their night. As a fan of this music, that was a tremendous experience and it was great to hear those tunes played the way […]
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Instant Son Raw – just add beer. I’ll spare you the Rakim line – suffice to say that since I last wrote a round up post, a whole lot of releases and mixes have grabbed my attention and now you get to reap the benefits. The theme this week is dynamic opposites: artists, labels and […]