Noise Pollution returns with a look at Cincinnati standouts The Ophelias.
Yoni & Geti's "Madeline" is one of the best songs off their self-titled album.
Will Schube swears your clique sounds like episode of Glee It’s been strange watching Yoni Wolf mature from a disillusioned, heartbreaking/broken rapper into a full-on adult pop singer. The vulnerable, cynical, scathing Wolf seems to have disappeared as he approaches middle age, but his replacement, a podcast-making, transparent singer intent on bettering himself is a […]
Will Schube spells cotton candy anyway you like it Yoni Wolf, frontman for rap/pop (or whatever genre the band’s dipping their toes into at any particular moment) group WHY? is going out on a solo tour with Serengeti. Both of these dudes are really good at what they do—but the ways in which each present […]
B Michael Payne keeps an eye out for gypsies. George Lucas ruined everything great about my childhood. Now substitute “Yoni Wolf” for “George Lucas” and “confused young adulthood” for “childhood.” I know, I know – we all grow up, see The Dark Knight and feel vaguely disappointed when we agree with the re-heated idea of our […]
The man known to Rabbinical scholars as David Cohn drops C.A.R. today on Anticon. In conjunction with its release, Anticon dropped a Soundcloud stream to “Geti Life,” my favorite song from the record. According to this track, “Geti Life” means laying next to the sweaty wife, having a huge nose like ‘that girl on Blossom,’ […]
Willie Schube also pops at The Tape. After a brief and fairly disappointing detour into the world of soft/art-pop/rock, Yoni Wolf and his cohorts are back with a dive into the folk-hop genre that the dude basically pioneered. After WHY? released Alopecia in 2008—a record full of angst-y, self-loathing and extremely clever raps—the group plowed […]