Ben Grenrock speaks with Odd Nosdam about the early Anticon days, his notorious sound, and cLOUDDEAD.
Julian Brimmers speaks with Angel Deradoorian about her new EP, 'Eternal Recurrence,' astrology, and feeling uprooted.
Will Schube takes a look at the new LP from veteran producer Odd Nosdam.
Ben Grenrock takes a look at 'A7PHA,' the collaborative album between Doseone and Mestizo.
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Will Schube chats with Doseone and Mestizo about their debut LP under the A7pha moniker.
The name “Anticon” has always been a code for how you viewed what hip hop could be, not how it should sound. Last year, Anticon celebrated their 15th anniversary. Unlike their contemporaries Stones Throw, Def Jux, and Rhymesayers, there were no documentaries, festivals, or goodbye parties thrown in their honor. It’s hard to celebrate an […]
Will Schube spells cotton candy anyway you like it Yoni Wolf, frontman for rap/pop (or whatever genre the band’s dipping their toes into at any particular moment) group WHY? is going out on a solo tour with Serengeti. Both of these dudes are really good at what they do—but the ways in which each present […]
Cold Baths & Ocean Death April 25, 2014
Baths continuing to build a bridge between Moz, the Low End Theory and Four Tet into one haunting graveyard garland. “Ocean Death” comes from his new Anticon EP of the same name. For my ferry tokens to slip onto corpse eyes, this is the best project he’s ever released. It’s sepulchral late night contemplate your […]
B Michael Payne keeps an eye out for gypsies. George Lucas ruined everything great about my childhood. Now substitute “Yoni Wolf” for “George Lucas” and “confused young adulthood” for “childhood.” I know, I know – we all grow up, see The Dark Knight and feel vaguely disappointed when we agree with the re-heated idea of our […]
SERENGETI – “Peekaboo” from anticon. on Vimeo. This is halfway between Odelay-era Beck and Black Moth Super Rainbow. So obviously, I approve. Geti is at that point where other underground rappers fear him because he is more weird, creative and funny than almost anyone else. Archetypal art rap shit. Open your eyes. Peekaboo. Etc. Produced […]