Adam Wray wrote this from the cloak room at Berghain. Whether you liked Yeezus or not, you must admit that the circumstances of its creation are compelling. Rick Rubin checking in in the fourth quarter to play reducer. Daft Punk offering the grimiest sounds they’ve put to tape in over 15 years. It’s the youth, […]
Max Bell ghostwrote BAYTL Hucci is 17.  He hasn’t had much time to master Fruity Loops or how to monetize his Soundcloud following (currently over 20,000 and counting). But make no mistake, Brighton’s Ollie O’ Neil has put in serious work and is starting to come into his own. Scroll down his Soundcloud. You’ll find […]
Son Raw holds the cards close to his chest. Here’s a dirty little secret about commercially released mixes: often enough, they’re far less interesting than what you can get online for free. While a good radio or Boiler Room set is spontaneous and full of unexpected moments spurred on by crowd and twitter reactions, a […]
Sinjin Hawke & Zora Jones – VClipse from Zora Jones on Vimeo. Son Raw’s wondering whatever happened to his copy of Romeo must Die. It’s important to remember that before it was swiftly taken over by shirtless bros bent on making it the latest soundtrack to gurn to, Trap was actually an interesting idea in […]
Son Raw: #MTL Grime October 23, 2012
Son Raw’s about hash and hashtags It’s been a long time, I shouldn’t have left you, without a new mix to step to. In between writing for this site and playing a variety of shows across the land (Toronto I see you, big announcement coming soon!) I recently found time to collect some of my […]
S-Type goes for a jog October 18, 2012
Son Raw prefers biking. I’m not suggesting that New York should adopt Billboard, as its new anthem. I’m just saying Scottish producer and LuckyMe affiliate S-Type’s instrumental take on Southern Hip-Hop kicks Empire State of Mind’s ass across the BQE and maybe (just maybe) Jeter wouldn’t be fanuting his ankle back together right now if he’d […]
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Son Raw wrote TWOOOOOOOO POSSSSSSTTTTSSSS. Speaking of the apocalypse and 808 workouts, this unexpected video by DJ Muggs finds the Cypress Hill producer looking like the rap game Machette while soundtracking a bizarro world version of million dollar baby where Hillary Swank is a trap-a-holic. On one hand, it’s utterly bizarre to see one of […]
Son Raw is bringing back crunk. Danny Brown is perhaps the only person on earth who could release a collabo with a pair of living, breathing, American Apparel manikins AND a video detailing his trip to  the Gathering of the Juggalos within the same 24 hour period. While I’m more disturbed by the former (at […]
Baauer on Rinse.FM September 21, 2012
Son Raw beez in the office Voted “most likely to outlast music’s all-trap-everything phase,” Baauer makes the leap from having a hot single on Mad Decent to playing with the big boys on Rinse and signing to Scottish purveyor of all things beat related, Lucky Me. This is everything you’d expect: laser synths, claps galore […]
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