You know you’ve made it when there are news articles refuting the fake Instagram evidence of you in a mini-skirt. This is where we’re at in 2014. There is a rapper named Young Thug, who is 21 years old and not wearing Forever 21, but is still mistaken for a cross-dresser by malignant bloggers. Maybe […]
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Kyle Ellison needs Cigarillos from the corner store. It’s sometimes hard to tell whether Atlanta’s latest crop of eccentrics are bored or exhilarated by rap. Half of the time it sounds as though the city’s young rappers might actually pass out from excitement, either buzzing off of some loopy synth beat or a lean-induced sugar […]
Deen is trying to give Lizzy Caplan a baby and no one can stop him. Let’s get the obvious fault of this shit outta the way: Drake isn’t in this video. I think it’s nice enough that he completely hijacked the song while it was bubbling underground and gave it a good look with what […]
By Deen
Two-9 – “Last 2 Orgy” September 25, 2013
Gold chains and lo mein, continuing the Chinese food and flashy jewelry theme I’m running with today. I like Two-9 because they hit the fine line between traditional Atlanta trap and the more red clay ghosts in the swamp Southern funk. They also have the son of a J5 member for added diversity and this […]
Will Johnsen is banging like ?uestlove. Fat Man Key has no shame. Unlike Gucci, he’ll tell you to your face that he’s fucking your bitch. In your downtown ATL penthouse no less. Or maybe he will take her to a park, feed her extra large sub sandwiches and pour champagne down her throat. He’ll sip […]
Slava P doesn’t understand the question and won’t respond to it. Even though you’ve probably never heard of Atlanta’s Key!, ‘Guess Who’ feels comfortably familiar. It sounds like what would happen if A$AP Rocky wrote a snap-dance song ($napdance?). The greatest songs are the ones that you can’t help but memorize. The songs that grab […]