Ben Grenrock evaluates the merits of the Los Angeles producer's newest EP.
Ben Grenrock takes a look at Damacha's shrouded beat music and his sudden disappearance from the internet.
The Michigan man with an L.A. bent delivers new EP 'Intermission' through Ghostly International.
Chris Daly is also a fan of the song, “Semi:Automatic Full Rap Metal Jacket.“ Jungle: sparse, almost minimal, beat production. A seemingly intimate knowledge of the naughty bits of late night funk. Cloudy synths shrouded in late night ennui. Ghostly vocals sung at 4:30 a.m. A decidedly non-croissant fetching vibe. While this concoction is recipe […]
Chris Daly is huge in Japanese Bandcamps. Hide the children and women folk. Masked men continue to invade and take over the beat scene. In a world of deceased rodents and metal-fingered masters of mayhem, how does a beathead sporting a fucked up luchador mask make himself heard above the din of all that collective […]
There is a commonly held consensus by music writers that forward progression is the only important metric. Of course, this idea is commonly discarded for convenience’s sake. We all like Tame Impala, so people blissfully ignore the simple mathematics of the Australian psych-rockers: Dungen + Revolver-era Beatles + Todd Rundgren. What it masks is the […]
Chris Daly loves your body, Larry. Full disclosure, when I first stumbled across Biblo, I misread the track submission and thought it was the latest from Bibio, who, of course, is not to be confused with Bonobo, clearly proving that beatheads are an alliterative bunch. As luck would have it, the Gods of Weed and […]
Son Raw is trading arms in countries whose names you can’t pronounce. According to conventional wisdom, Alchemist should be in the twilight of his career. After all, by the time they’d racked up this many years in the game, his mentors Muggs & Premier were settling into comfortable lives as established producers, trotting out well-worn […]