Alex Swhear explores the mutual fascination between rap music and Sir Elton.
Breakbeat Lou is the man behind nearly every classic hip hop beat made from 1986-1997. He's playing the Echoplex in LA this Sunday. Sweeney Kovar speaks with the original 45 king.
Chris Daly is naughty. By nature. The “problem” with spring is that it never lasts long enough for anyone’s liking. Whether I’ve been living in Chicago, with its seemingly endless winters, or Washington, D.C., with its too humid summers, there’s never enough upper 60s/lower 70s, first buds popping on the trees, leave the coat at […]
Nas Remixed June 25, 2012
Son Raw checked his calendar: Escobar season has arrived. All apologies to Deen but The Don connected like a Mike Tyson uppercut in the original Punch Out!, at least on an underground level. Nasir has been a topic of discussion amongst my peers over the weekend and while some would crown him the greatest of […]