Chris Daly mourns the lost ones of 2016 with this excellent mix from Stones Throw founder Peanut Butter Wolf.
Mild High Club return and capture '70s LA psych-pop as well as anyone doing it.
Breakbeat Lou is the man behind nearly every classic hip hop beat made from 1986-1997. He's playing the Echoplex in LA this Sunday. Sweeney Kovar speaks with the original 45 king.
Max Bell‘s book collection weighs a ton.   Stones Throw has never left you in the lurch. They put out new music every week.  More often than not, it’s good and well worth your time. Occasionally, it’s great and requires innumerable listens. Below are some of the latest offerings from label over the last month or […]
Peter Holslin stole the stolen chain from 50 Cent at Summer Jam 2014 Folerio is a man, and a mystery. He is a singer and versifier, but also an emblem for the beautifully weird. He’s on Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. But who is he, really? Evidence says he is the alter-ego of Peanut Butter Wolf, […]
Tonight at Lot 1. The reading/taping starts at 8 p.m. Wolf goes on around 9:30 or so. My latest LA Weekly column assesses the enduring impact of 2Pac a decade and a half later, complete with a new Boosie quote. It’s not as good as a new Boosie verse, but we all have limitations. If […]
Beware of Dub Club May 7, 2013
Max Bell has been known to say, “eh mon,” in mixed company. Stones Throw perennially cracks the top ten (and some years top one) lists for ‘The Best Independent Record Label.’ The same can be said for Dub Club—the Wednesday night Dub/Reggae/Dancehall show that blasts blunted and bone-soothing bass out of Los Angeles’s Echoplex—which should be in […]
Strictly for the record nerds. Thus, I love it. Few people in the LA underground music world have not been put up on one obscure records via the direct or indirect influence of Peanut Butter Wolf. Just last week, I bought the vinyl reissue of Embryo’s Rache, a deliriously good Krautrock group, who Wolf first […]