Breakbeat Lou is the man behind nearly every classic hip hop beat made from 1986-1997. He's playing the Echoplex in LA this Sunday. Sweeney Kovar speaks with the original 45 king.
Dial 7-7-7 “Hit & Run” December 11, 2013
Max Bell holds the weight of 1.2 synagogues. Hit + Run run the live screen printing game, which is probably a game you don’t think about very often. However, they are the best at it and unlike Khaled, their success doesn’t make them suffer.  They ardently support of music they bump and believe in. especially […]
Madlib mixes aren’t smooth. He is a bug out DJ, a trickster out to lay traps. His blends can be smooth, but usually not. They’re more apt to take you on a tour of his mind, which can get as cluttered and stoned as his studio. For some people, this is a detriment. They want […]