Son Raw refuses to believe "Canadian Hip-Hop" is a thing, but regional scenes in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and beyond are producing more quality rap music than ever.
Consider this Deen’s dedication to those flooded in Toronto. Well I’ll be damned; the Canadians are coming. Remember how I wrote about Drake’s tax write off, Pndoor, the other day and took a blind stab at describing something I labelled the ‘Toronto Sound’? Oh, you don’t remember? Well, fuck you too then – that’s rude. […]
By Deen
Slava P defeated Aubrey G in the 2005 Toronto Hebrew School Rap-Off. What do you do when you drop a just-okay single for your third album? Well, if you’re Aubrey Grahammy, you release some visuals that stretch your two minute song out to five-plus, all while profusely mentioning the city you grew up in (again) […]