A tribute to one of the greatest composers of the last 100 years.
The latest in the Passion of the Weiss mix series: A blend of soul-funk, jazz, and 70s soundtracks from Captain Supernova.
Peter Holslin is still looking for the pot of gold David Axelrod is a dangerous man. His music is full of trip-wires and unpredictable turns. I learned this the hard way. In recent months, I’ve spent many hours listening to his two landmark debut albums, 1968’s Song of Innocence and 1969’s Songs of Experience. But […]
Peter Holslin ate nachos for breakfast Lately I’ve been spending lots of time staying up late, watching television, playing online chess, and planning out my future. I’ll be lying there on the couch, iPhone in hand, typing little messages into my yellowed digital notebook—things to do, daily goals, weekly goals, hard deadlines, soft deadlines, reminders […]