Max Bell  has been known to sit on park benches. Snoop is a stoned lion who thought making an anti-gun song with wheelchair Jimmy was a sound decision. Dre continues to make headphone money (and will probably never release another album in his lifetime). Ice Cube makes more movies and TV shows than music, if you […]
What you know about it? 8-Ball corner pocket. Pull the salad out of the stocking. Dressed understated at the steakhouse, spaced out. Throwing salt on pork. Sip the water from the spring. Patent leather ski mask. I copped the coat in Mongolia. Pink tuxedo. Smooth shit. Roc Marciano: great rapper or greatest rapper? Previously: Reloaded […]
Time for some Roc Marciano to poison the palate. As always, there are too many quotables to list without rewinding two dozen times. Yes, he did say that he runs the break like Dave Wingate.  Roc remains more vicious than an unfed Hoya. I can’t spot the sample so anyone with deeper crates should tell […]
The Roc is in the Building August 23, 2012
Winter encroaches whether we want it or not. Roc Marci understands this, so Reloaded stabs on November 13 just in time for the ice and tar to congeal in your lungs. At this point, the ex-U.N. member might be the most consistent rapper breathing. If he breathes. You get the sense that breathing would make […]
There’s a variety of ways to evaluate rap music. You can break it down based on beat, flows, lyrics,or quality of engineering. You can measure it strictly on whether bangs in your car or not. Or you can get abstract and try to postulate about how much it contributes to the evolution of the genre. […]