This song is a genre of its own: Marble Floor, Ivory Pillar, Mount Olympus rap. Cold, hard, and gaudy. Regal and tacky at the same damn time.┬á This is the latest single from French Montana’s Excuse My French, which might actually do the unthinkable and excuse him from his sins of being the worst “hot” […]
Vote Slava P for Assistant Bailiff in the 343rd Municipal District of Lower Manhattan. If there’s anything I learned this year, it’s that Toyota would love for all of you hip urban youth out there to buy a Scion. How else do you explain them releasing both a Fool’s Gold mixtape and a music video […]
Evan Nabavian is a pioneer in trap-step. We make all manner of excuses, some more valid than others, for rappers without technical skill. French Montana’s ear for melody, Waka’s energy, and Jeezy’s Trapability┬« are all counterweights to the argument that a rapper, or to use a more lofty title, an MC, is one whose motherfucking […]