Oumar Saleh revisits the New York producer's range, from boom bap love letters to DatPiff classics.
Steven Louis spends his quarantine with the highly touted collaborative effort between the Vancouver-born rapper and the New York beatsmith.
Doc Zeus hath risen. For a man who has the stoned Scumbag Steve countenance of a young Jason Mewes, Harry Fraud of the titular “La Musica De Harry Fraud,” has managed to become one of the most accomplished young producers in hip hop. In-demand and prolific, Fraud has become the breakout producer in a resurgent […]
The central problem of writing on the Internet (beyond all the obvious central problems of writing on the Internet) is that you tend to seem like an insane person in public. At best, you come off as esoteric and insular jerk when you start quoting lyrics and ad-libs that no normal has never heard. Maybe […]
Vote Slava P for Assistant Bailiff in the 343rd Municipal District of Lower Manhattan. If there’s anything I learned this year, it’s that Toyota would love for all of you hip urban youth out there to buy a Scion. How else do you explain them releasing both a Fool’s Gold mixtape and a music video […]
Se Llamo es Max Bell. La música de Harry Fraud es bueno. Pero la música de Harry Fraud con Curren$y es fantástico. Juntos, ellos nos dan Los Barcos de Cigarrillos. Lo siento. That’s what three years of high school Spanish and Google translate will do for you. Cigarette Boats is Miami Vice. It’s the gangster […]