Fort Romeau Stay True August 14, 2013
Fort Romeau flitting from early 90s hand bag house to something infinitely more complex. “Stay True” winds and rises for seven minutes in the sort of way that makes you wish you could explain to Kendrick Lamar that this is why reasonable people do Molly. He takes the builds and sheen of house and disco […]
Fort Romeau remixes Holy Other and take the latter’s ectoplasm mood music and turn it into an extended minimal house jam. This is what the Ghostly-signed producer does. I like the Soundcloud commenter who described this as “existentially good.” If you listened to that Devil record I posted a little while ago, this is an […]
Fort Romeau will house you. More smoove grooves from the British producer that the 15 people who read this site and enjoy house will like. I got you, guys. I got you. This is “Love (Dub),” the B-Side from the “SW9″ 12” out in March on Spectral Sound. Credit due to the unfadeable Gorilla for […]
Fort Romeau Will House You September 28, 2012
Photo via Jose Flores I assume that the idea of house music is anathema to 94 percent of this site’s readership. The genre has long since been stereotyped as the province of over-gelled fist-pumpers and aptly mimicked by the “ooncha ooncha” sound. You know what I’m talking about even if you don’t know what I’m […]