Oumar Saleh documents how rap music has intersected with the epochal television series and vice versa.
Jaap van der Doelen tracks the nomadic MC's journey from purported savior of hip-hop to prodigal son.
Will Hagle promotes public safety by offering this cool mix featuring Doom, Dylan, and "Dr. Carter."
Spring Mix – Has-Lo May 28, 2014
Has-Lo is hordeable, sportable, and totally affordable Spring is my favorite time of year. It’s not as hot as summer. Not as brutally cold as winter. Full of anticipation. Everything spreads out in front of us, waiting to be experienced. Once it got warm, you know school is coming to a close for the year. […]
Frank N Beats Mix: 002 April 23, 2014
Aaron Frank woke up early on his bornday This month’s mix is mostly instrumental, but it’s difficult to ignore the vast crop of talented producers coming out of the UK at the moment. In waiting a couple extra days to put this mix together, I was able to score new tracks from two of my […]
Paul Thompson has never once met David Icke. There are conspiracy theories whispered by some Britons that the Rothschild family, a centuries-old banking dynasty, had a hand in Princess Diana’s death. No such evidence exists, but the rumors persist, the family shrouded in a sinister cloud of gossip. If there’s one thing heiress Kate Rothschild […]
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Tosten Burks can’t do anything without consulting his crystal first. Jay Electronica has been shamed. What feels like lifetimes ago, he emerged on top of a movie score, an Asiatic blackman from Zion dishing drumless God-hop intertwined with Willy Wonka monologues. He was a myth that stunned the internet and impregnated Erykah Badu. Two years […]
From here on out, to be “controlled” should replace “renegaded” as what happens when you shouldn’t let another rapper on your song for fear of incineration. K. Dot reminding everyone that he has a parking garage with a collage of everyone he despised from the moment he turned five. He mentions Kurupt and “Calling Out […]
Mos Def and Jay Absentia last appeared together on 2009’s  Reflection Eternal reunion. The song was called “Just Begun” and it ostensibly highlighted the once nascent rise of  Jay Electronica. Over three years later, he’s become a punchline of Detox proportion.  Even Dre got an Executive Producer credit on Kendrick’s last record, which we all […]