The Mythological Genius of Ka September 26, 2018
Colin Gannon explores the recent collaborative project from Ka and Animoss, reflecting on its superb writing and production.
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Brownsville champion Ka returns with the perfectly minimalistic "30 Keys."
New rap music from Kanye West & Madlib, Freddie Gibbs, Ka, Isaiah Rashad, and some neo-soul from Kendrick Lamar.
The Brownsville representative talks pain, gentrification, New York rap, The Manchurian candidate and much more.
If Brian Josephs was the Big Apple, he'd be hard to the core. And he'd make sure Ka was king, and all was good.
Ka’s Dead Prophet Report October 16, 2014
Anwar Sabreen does not approve your trite Disney references.  Ka is no longer a secret. He is Brownsville’s late bloom comeback story. He went from bowing out of the rat race gracefully, to crafting two critically acclaimed albums back to back. His YouTube channel had been transmogrified into a frigid project cul de sac via a […]
Kyle Ellison asks you to take off that necklace Nice N Smooth Ka has been spoiling us lately and he knows it. Having dropped back-to-back masterpieces in 2012 and 2013, the Brownsville lyricist looked up and saw that he had disciples – and what fun is having disciples if you can’t make them work a […]
Ka Knows It’s About November 15, 2013
Max Bell knows who killed Harry Crumb. The opening track from Ka’s The Night’s Gambit, “You Know It’s About” sets the tone for the entire record, grounds it in gritty limestone and grout. Ominous guitar chords and thundering, driving drums paint the Brownsville underbelly in the bleakest of blacks, whites, and grays. The sound is steady […]
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