Son Raw chats with Joker about his new EP, 'Kapsize,' synths, and studio spaces.
Beware the Internet hype machine. That’s probably the best advice to give to young artists, those recipients of a deafening wave that inevitably leads to a (temporarily) crippling crash. Joker saw the tsunami hit hard circa 2009, when his purple variant of dubstep, became the ballyhooed mutation. If you’re keeping track, it was right around […]
Son Raw’s bangin’ for the funk of it. Massive week for Grime singles. First, the almighty Butterz empire returns for their first release in nearly a year, teaming up with Kapsize Records for a collaborative jam between Swindle and Joker, AKA 040. It’s a match made in heaven, assuming heaven is place where P-Funk grooves […]