Beware the Internet hype machine. That’s probably the best advice to give to young artists, those recipients of a deafening wave that inevitably leads to a (temporarily) crippling crash. Joker saw the tsunami hit hard circa 2009, when his purple variant of dubstep, became the ballyhooed mutation. If you’re keeping track, it was right around […]
Son Raw‘s got a lighter up in the air. I have no idea what Guido’s been doing for the past few years. Reaching level 99 in every single Final Fantasy game in the series? Watching too much Anime? Arguing with Joker about the merits of mauve? Who knows, but thankfully, the wait is over and […]
Sega Joker Drive September 3, 2013
Son Raw‘s smoking on that purple kush. You can call it a comeback. Joker’s first run of tunes in the late aughts was truly special, injecting a heavy dose of funk and color into a scene that was on the verge of drowning in its own darkness, but his subsequent pop-ambitions didn’t quite hit their […]
Joker: Dubstep Road Warrior October 12, 2012
Son Raw is draped in mauve. Motorbikes? Check. Angry robots set to buzzsaw synths? Check. The color purple? Check. Sci-fi apocalypticism and funky futurism? Double check. Joker’s latest video meets all of the basic aesthetic requirements for a Mad Max reboot while keeping true to the Bristolian’s own analog-powered vision of life after a GOP […]
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