Son Raw takes a look at Appleblim's new LP, 'Life in a Laser.'
A look at two highlights from Montreal's Igloofest.
Beware the Internet hype machine. That’s probably the best advice to give to young artists, those recipients of a deafening wave that inevitably leads to a (temporarily) crippling crash. Joker saw the tsunami hit hard circa 2009, when his purple variant of dubstep, became the ballyhooed mutation. If you’re keeping track, it was right around […]
You merely adopted the dark, Son Raw was born in it. In a year where London frets over shuffling crazes and the Internet takes its dance music cues from the Boiler Room’s overly mediated experience rather than the real thing, Keysound’s This is how we Roll is an outlier. Defiantly local, stubbornly difficult to pin […]
Part 2 of Son Raw’s continuing look at London’s best radio station. Part 1 here. Dubstep: The cream of the crop Dubstep has seen better days on Rinse, as London’s sound of choice has found itself out of favor amongst listeners dissuaded by the anti-cool factor that comes with being America’s soundtrack to take drugs […]
Son Raw: Mala Goes to Cuba September 10, 2012
Son Raw could use a rum punch “Thank You, I’m just a guy in South-London making tunes.” They say you should never meet your idols. It’s with this cliché in mind that I first spoke to Mala, possibly the most revered and idolized producer to have emerged out of London for the past decade. While […]