Chris Daly connects with Son Lux, the collective behind one of the year's best soundtracks to one of the year's best movies.
Summer Mixtape: PremRock July 24, 2014
Premrock is trying to one-up Joel Embiid’s Twitter feed. Photo by Gianna Leo Falcon. Chinatown will always hold a special place in my heart. Not the noir film set in LA but the one of a kind neighborhood in New York City. Summertime in Chinatown smells awful but if you want the best dumplings you […]
Chris Daly doesn’t want it if it’s that easy This month’s gold star for “Plays Well with Others” clearly goes to Son Lux. The producer/composer also known as Ryan Lott obviously gets along with his sandbox playmates pretty damn well if his recent output is any indication. In late 2013, SL released “Lanterns,” a critically […]
Peter Holslin lives in a top-secret mountain hideout You know how, in some jazz performances, there’s a song where every member of the band gets to play a solo? The saxophonist will stand up, toot out some fancy lines, then he’ll sit down, and then the trumpeter will stand up, show off a little, sit […]
Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti and Son Lux make an album and scarcely anyone in the rap Internet makes a sound. I get that it’s been a busy month and this is too weird for people who are still dubious on Doom because he’s a little off-kilter. But Geti is probably the first of the breed […]