The preternaturally talented Watson channels St. Future Hendrixx of Georgia.
Chester Watson Sees Colors October 29, 2013
Chester Watson continues his quiet rampage, grabbing for vodka and weed and a pair of sunglasses. The Nu Age monotone messiah maligns post-racist myopia, teenaged angst, and suicidal thoughts. Just a minute and a half sketch, but enough to add to the growing arsenal. The writing is taut, the mood is tense, and it passes […]
Chester Watson, the 16-year old samurai sword swinging, albatross slayer and lo mein connoisseur decapitates another track. I previously compared the bird and word murdering navigator to Yasel Puig, but Chester knows the right bases to throw. If there was a low-key part of Odd Future’s influence, it’s that Earl helped make writing smart lyrics […]
Nothing sounds more terrifying but absurd than the phrase “Post Odd Future,” but here we are. Kids who were Bar Mitzvah aged when Earl first rhymed Asher Roth with applesauce are now old enough to drive. Some of them are even very good at rapping. The most promising of the pack that I’ve stumbled across […]