The first single and video from A Japanese Horror Film, dropping Halloween.
The latest LP from POW Recordings and NĂ¼ Age.
The preternaturally talented Watson channels St. Future Hendrixx of Georgia.
The “Do Not Enter” tag isn’t a recommendation, it’s a warning. Chester Watson returns with the melancholy slink, bowing his head sullenly in the shadows. The hardest 17 year old rapper seething over paisley dust loops ready to collapse with the rest of the abandoned house. They don’t. This is another fragment from the darkness […]
Mexican wrestling masks, Afu-Ra hair, stray cats, and strong blunts comprise the short list of shots for “Act IV | Scene IV-V-VII,” the mini-movie from the agnostic Buddhist, Chester Watson. Ennui is rarely this unnerving. There are rare Japanese snacks and bodegas, villainy fit for a Dumile, and a monotone style fit for your favorite […]
Twenty years beyond the triumph from the G-U-R-U, the wild one with the monotone style, comes the monotone Samurai. Chester Watson, the Tin Wooki, the 16-year old with St. Louis blood, a Georgia address, metal-faced ancestry, and worries piqued by witches curses, too much weed, and/or the struggles inherent in being a teen prodigy. Stress […]
Bumpin “Ridin’ Dirty” with the barrel clean, the baleful and bashful asshole, C. Watson aims to take aim on the latest leak from Tin Wooki. He doesn’t want you to make comparisons, but every artist doesn’t want anyone to make comparisons, because no one else is smoking their weed. Every pair of blackened lungs is […]