submerse soundtracks the hours you shouldn't be awake.
Chris Daly is busy earning. Project: Mooncircle’s Rain Dog is a strange beast. In the realm of beat producers, his Venn diagram would intersect somewhere between Pogo’s childlike visions, Dntel’s future-retro work with The Postal Service, and the off-the-wall sample perfection of Blocktreat. Don’t believe such a great conjunction is possible outside of fucked up […]
Chris Daly has been to a Hofbrau Haus or two. Germany. Land of beer steins and wurst (or techno and shizer videos, depending on your tastes. I don’t judge.) For an American, it can be a different kind of place. While I personally found the people very friendly on my sole visit to date, they […]
Chris Daly also favors insurrections. By their very nature, compilation albums tend to be very hit or miss affairs, but when you have a stable of artists and quality control that rivals Berlin-based Project: Mooncircle, odds are your beats will beat said odds. On their 2013 edition, Uprising, my theory remains intact. On each of […]