My dad’s favorite band was Cream. It wasn’t like he ever showed it. There were no Cream records or cassettes in the house. He never searched for them on K-LOS, the classic rock station that played ‘White Room” every three hours on the hour. But every time I ever asked him about the favorite bands […]
Right in time for Shark Week, Tame Impala drop “Elephant.” I don’t care if the central guitar riff sounds ripped off from Black Mountain, who in turn are sharking Sabbath and Led Zep. I don’t care if they recruited psych-guru Dave Fridmann for album number two, a cliche only rivaled by asking Jon Brion to […]
Jonah Bromwich is wild like rock stars who smash guitars. Sequencing and song titles. Admittedly, these are two silly things to start to illustrate why the new San Francisco compilation In A Cloud II is so great, but sometimes it’s worthwhile to start with the peripheral issues. The album begins Ty Segall’s “Swag.” Aside from […]