Tame Impala going full Letourneau in their video for “Mind Mischief.” It then warps into an animated psychedelic cosmic swirl as Tame Impala videos are wont to do. Not safe for work if you work in a 7th Grade science classroom, though it may be allowed during sex ed courses at private schools with a […]
The Top 50 Albums of 2012 December 24, 2012
On a Previous Episode of the Passion of the Weiss: The Top 50 Albums of: 2011; 2010; 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 50. House Shoes – Let it Go [Tres] No best album list is complete without something from Detroit. Nowhere else is as no frills and unvarnished. It operates as a palate cleanser to remind […]
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As a great man once said, this is “trippy, mayne.” It’s nice that a consensus has built around Tame Impala. Who wouldn’t want to hear the halfway point between Dungen and the Lennon songs from Revolver? Related: check this Tame Impala live review from POTW potentate, Jonah Bromwich.  
The sweet spot between Broadcast, early Belle & Sebastian, and Tame Impala (whose Kevin Parker produced the record). Obviously, I’m all in.
Aaron Frank will accept your offer of a trip to Paris. All too often, new music is judged on back-story rather than its actual quality. Obviously it’s the critics’ job to separate music from myth, but occasionally, you come across an artist whose music is as interesting as its creation process.  A good back-story can […]
Right in time for Shark Week, Tame Impala drop “Elephant.” I don’t care if the central guitar riff sounds ripped off from Black Mountain, who in turn are sharking Sabbath and Led Zep. I don’t care if they recruited psych-guru Dave Fridmann for album number two, a cliche only rivaled by asking Jon Brion to […]
We attempt creativity but often wind up re-telling the same stories with similar nouns and adjectives. So we get song titles like “Apocalypse Dreams,” the new track from Tame Impala that sounds like it was named after a 70s horror re-make spied during a late night bong rip binge watching the Sci-Fi network. The movie […]